Occupancy in Norwood Court, Missouri

Before you buy- The Town of Norwood Court requires an Occupancy Permit whenever there is a change of occupancy whether it be tenant or buyer. All inspections for occupancy are handled by St. Louis County Division of Public Works which can be access through the Community Resource Link.  Once the inspection has been completed and all systems have “passed”, the occupancy inspection is released to the purchaser (person who paid for the occupancy inspection) and the Town.  Due to high volume, St. Louis County Division of Public Works may not include the Town as a recipient of the results. Therefore, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the Town is in receipt of the inspection results.  Once the “passed” inspection is received by the Town, the Town will issue the Occupancy Permit to the purchaser.  Please ensure enough time is given for this process (at least 30 days).

Occupancy permits are NEVER reproduced so it is critical that they are kept in a safe place. The Town also requires permits for fences and structural changes. In addition to these permits, the Town is governed by all St. Louis county ordinances as well.