Update from St. Louis County Department of Public Health

SUBJECT: Increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations due to emergence of the Omicron variant and updated isolation and quarantine guidance from the CDC

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The 2021-2022 In Person School has begun, and our students are on the move.

  1. Please keep your speed at or below the speed limit
  2. Look in all directions for the children in route
  3. Maintain the proper distance between you and the school buses

To all residents, please be mindful of a few of the Town Ordinances below:

All lot or land shall not have the  presence of debris of ANY kind  including but not limited to, fallen trees/shrubs, grass clippings, rubbish/trash, old tires/car parts, grass reaching 7″ and derelict cars/trucks.

All trash, yard waste and recyclables must be left at the curb the evening before scheduled pickup and returned to the rear of the property once collected.

Vehicles should not block fire hydrants nor the driveways

The Town Board meetings are held the third Monday of each month at New Awakening United Methodist Church 8000 Natural Bridge Road 63121.

Meetings will be in person until further notice.

 “The Town complies with the standards of Senate Bill 5 by having a balanced annual budget, annual audit by a certified public account, cash management and accounting system, adequate levels of insurance and provides access to a complete set of Town ordinances. All required standards for police services are met by the St. Louis County Police Depart. which provides police services to the Town. The Town contracts with St. Louis County for construction code review.”