As we approach winter months please remember to move cars OFF the street so that snow plowing and salting can be done effectively.

Due to the rise of COVID-19 all Town Hall meetings will be held via conference call.  Members of the public may have access to the meetings via “free Conference Calling” by calling 1-717-275-8940 on the date and time of the meeting and entering in Access ID 7365063.

Download January Meeting Notice

To all residents, please be mindful of a few of the Town Ordinances below:

All lot or land shall not have the  presence of debris of ANY kind  including but not limited to, fallen trees/shrubs, grass clippings, rubbish/trash, old tires/car parts, grass reaching 7″ and derelict cars/trucks.

The total number of motor vehicles, including recreational vehicles and trailers on a premises shall not exceed four (4) per any one (1) residential area. All vehicles must be properly licensed and tagged (if parked on street) or properly covered with a car cover if parked in a driveway.

All trash, yard waste and recyclables must be left at the curb the evening before scheduled pickup and returned to the rear of the property once collected.

10/29/2020 All Town Hall Meetings are being held at the Normandy United Methodist Church located at 8000 Natural Bridge Road  Normandy, MO 63121

8/17/2020 For the health and well being of all residents during the COVID 19 pandemic, it has been decided by the Board of Trustees that the annual National Night Out event will be canceled for 2020.

03/21/2020– Spring/Summer maintenance work will begin in the town on April 1, 2020.

  • Town work will be done by Mr. Gregory Harris.
    • If special needs are requested please contact Mr. Harris at 314-726-5167

In the event of wintry weather; 2 inches of snow or more, or half an inch of ice, Mr. Harris will perform plowing and snowing for the town. All residents are encouraged to remove their cars from the streets.