Norwood Court Services

Beginning January 1, 2023, The Town of Norwood Court summons for violations will  be heard in the Bel-Nor Municipal Court, 8416 Natural Bridge Rd.,  St. Louis, Mo. 63121 the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.

The Town is within the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District. 7100 Natural Bridge Road. The list below will provide you with contact numbers for numerous services offered to our residents.



This includes Police, Fire or Paramedics
Dial 911

St. Louis County Police (non emergency)

Central County Precinct (2nd)
(314) 567-9931

Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District

Northeast Fire Protection Dist. Website
(314) 382-1501


Waste Management – WM

Residential Waste & Recycling Pickup
(866) 570-4702


Missouri Electric Power Provider
(800) 552-7583


Missouri Natural Gas Provider
(800) 887-4173

Metropolitan Sewer District – MSD

Sewage and WasteWater Management
(314) 768-6260